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Here at yogi bears we believe the love within us is meant to extend outward. The closer we grow to our own inner light, the more we feel the urge to share that natural light with others. With creative endeavours like teaching yoga and meditation allows the energies within us to flow out and heal the world. Our activity in the world is our work. Our primary work is to love. The meaning of work whatever it’s form is that it be used to heal the world.

The essence of yogi bears is the vision behind it.. And illumined vision of service to humanity.. Lisa believes ”Love is the most important fuel in any endeavour“

There is an army of light rising up around us. Separation leads to disintegration and joining together in yogi love leads to miracles...

Find what feels good

Authentic Be Yourself

The teaching is much more than a profession.
Teaching is a transmission of your direct experience,
You are an emissary of light spreading love compassion and consciousness everywhere you go.
In everything you do and everyone you encounter on your path.
This is exactly what practising and sharing yoga means to me.
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